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Tate Rowlands - Flintshire

Tate Rowlands - Flintshire
Trelawny Square

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Heard it all before........tell me about it. We have started this business because we want to change people’s perceptions; to us we are property consultants not estate agents.

It has been said on so many occasions that traditional estate agents have many tricks on luring in vendors with promise of high values and quick sales. Honestly there is no crystal ball when it comes to selling houses, however by working more closely with sellers on pricing their property correctly and presenting it to the best of its potential from the word go, means that they are in a very good position to sell well.

Our job is not just to advertise your property, wait for the phone to ring and send the potential buyer for you to show them around, then the minute we get an offer, back you into a corner to accept. Our job is to help find people their dream home, working closely with buyers, taking them around and understanding their offer in order for us to advise you on the best course of action. Whether you take that advice or not is down to you, at the end of the day it’s YOUR property. The majority of people will buy with their hearts, however given the opportunity people will always try a cheeky offer if they think they can. It is OUR job to manage this process, after all isn’t that what you’re paying us to do? If this process is managed correctly you won’t get cheeky offers but true offers.

Having a manageable portfolio of saleable properties is also very important. We know that in order to sell property well, you need to know your stock, which means viewing every property when it comes to the market. Photos can show you a lot but it can’t show you a feel of a property and that is so important to buyers. We can’t tell you how many times we have heard ‘it just feels like home’. 

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