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10 Simple Ways to add value to your home

We have put together a list of simple and reasonable ways to add value to your home.

  1. Outstanding DIY jobs - Fill any minor cracks in the walls, touch up chipped or discoloured paint, change any light switches/plugs that look unsightly and fix any dripping taps. Service boiler and have the certificates to hand to provide if requested.

  2. Smarten up the front door and entrance - This is going to be the first thing the prospective buyer sees when they view your home, so it’s best to make a good first impression!

  3. Declutter and get rid of rubbish - You want the home to look spacious and airy. By decluttering, it shows the space in all its glory and it enables the buyers to imagine what the home may look like with their possessions in place.

  4. Ventilate and deal with strong smells - Strong smells are a huge red flag when buying a home. Lots of people will instantly be put off if they can smell damp, or even last nights dinner!

  5. Tidy up the garden and outside space - Make sure the lawn is mowed and any patio areas are swept. Keep garden furniture clean and tidy away any children’s toys you may have lying around.

  6. Easy access to garage, shed, loft - Buyers love to be able to see the additional spaces they may have to work with, so make sure you optimise these spaces for easy access.

  7. Freshen up bathroom and kitchen - Change or whiten the grout (there are lots of reasonable grout pens on the market) and renew the bath/shower sealant, new bathroom accessories are a cheap way of brightening up the space. For the kitchen, clear the work tops of any clutter and gadgets that can be hidden in a cupboard.

  8. Check light bulbs and consider additional lighting - Brighter bulbs and extra lighting can help the space look less dreary and more inviting.

  9. Clean Windows - Make sure all windows are clean, inside and out and also the curtains or blinds are free from dust and smells.

  10. CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN! - The easiest way to add value and entice a buyer is by showing your home in the best light. If it’s clean and organised in every room, you’re much more likely to get an offer than if they’re being shown around a home with unmade beds and dirty carpets!

Christine Acquaviva

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