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Estate Agent Fees

What fees do estate agents charge?

Estate Agent fees range from around £299 for the cheapest online agent to 3% for some London high-street agents. Our data puts the average estate agent fees at 1.1% nationwide.

The size of your home and its physical location play a big part in the fee an agent will quote to bring your property to market, as will the type of agent you approach - whether that’s a local estate agent or an online/hybrid agent.

What does my estate agent fees pay for?

Estate Agents are very good at selling houses but there is a lack of understanding around the services they offer. Research suggests that only 7% of homeowners fully understand the range of services that an estate agent fee covers - the list of services estate agents can offer as part of their estate agent fees includes:
  1. Market valuation and advice on how to make the property presentable
  2. Photography
  3. Floorplans
  4. Introducing keen and willing buyers
  5. Portal listings (Rightmove, Zoopla and others)
  6. Property Descriptions
  7. For Sale Boards
  8. Screen potential buyers and ensure people viewing the property are genuine
  9. Accompanied viewings
  10. Open days
  11. Collect offers
  12. Negotiate offers
  13. Act as a point of contact during conveyancing (legal) process
  14. Give you the keys on completion day!
A local agent will do everything from point 1 - 13 without any payment. If point 14 doesn’t happen, a local agent makes no money. An online agent would usually charge you up front to cover all of the above points. (An explanation of the differences between local and online agents follows)

We know it can seem like a lot of money but it covers a lot of time and effort to help you make the most out of your property.

Remember though, if you agree to pay a % of your final property price as a fee, the more the agent makes for you, the more they make, so you both win.

What is an online estate agent?

For many years, estate agents were solely based on high streets across the country. Over the last few years, a new breed of agent has emerged, delivering estate agency with a digital focus. These have become known as ‘online’ and ‘hybrid’ agents.

The differences between ‘local’ and ‘online’ estate agents

Local Estate Agents

  • High street presence and local knowledge
  • Higher fee, paid only when property sells
  • Point of contact and support all the way to completion

Online/Hybrid Estate Agents

  • 24/7 ‘always on’ service
  • Low fee, often paid up front
  • Allow the homeowner to take a bigger role in the sales process

How can I find out what an estate agent will charge me?

Historically, picking an estate agent required you to visit or call a number of agents, ask them to come out to your property, establish an asking price and then discuss the fee they would charge you.

netanagent.com gives you a free and simple way to compare estate agent fees and sevices of estate agents instantly, without the need to contact multiple agents and giving vendors a clear and transparent choice. Just fill in a quick form and we’ll show you agents’ fees and services.

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