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Preparing your property for a storm

As storm season approaches and we start to think ‘wow, it’s dark early’, storms are becoming more likely and we may see more active weather upon us over the next month. So today, we look at how to prepare your property. [more…]

-Before the storm arrives, secure any garden furniture that may be blown over or worse still blow into glazed windows and doors. Trampolines with safety netting can make quite a battering ram.

-Ensure gutters and downpipes are clear and gullies in paving or drives are not blocked. Water ingress is a common insurance claim after a storm and in most cases easily preventable.

-Make sure all shutters, windows and doors can be fastened properly. Garden gates should be closed and locked.

-If possible park vehicles in a garage.

-Check the roof of your house as best as possible. If you notice any damage, missing tiles, or anything that looks amiss have a roofer investigate.

-Remove large tree branches that are close to the property or could strike it during a storm.

-If you are concerned and think a chimney stack is in poor condition have it checked as a matter of urgency and do not use the accommodation directly below them.

-A couple of torches with spare batteries is always a good idea.

The average cost of storm damage is over £350 million each year in the UK, and by taking a few simple steps, you can reduce the risk of your property adding to this year’s figure. Taking into account that any storm or flood damage should be declared when instructing an estate agent to sell your property, performing the above checks will not only help keep you safe but secure the value of your house or flat.

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