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With over 38 combined years of experience, as or working with estate agents, the NetAnAgent team deliver an insight into the property market.

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The Art of Downsizing: Mastering the Process of Moving to a Smaller Property in the UK

For many homeowners, the time eventually comes when they must consider downsizing, or making the decision to move from a larger to a smaller property. The reasons behind this decision could involve an …READ MORE

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Navigating UK Property Auctions: An Essential Guide for First-Time Sellers

Property auctions have long been a popular alternative to conventional property sales in the UK, offering a faster-paced and potentially more lucrative option for sellers. However, navigating the …READ MORE

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Home Value and Curb Appeal: 5 Tips for a High Return on Investment

First impressions matter, right? This wisdom doesn't just apply to people, but to properties as well. Any estate agent worth their salt will tell you that curb appeal can make or break a sale. Even if …READ MORE

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Preparing your property for a storm

As storm season approaches and we start to think 'wow, it's dark early', storms are becoming more likely and we may see more active weather upon us over the next month. So today, we look at how to …READ MORE

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Online Estate Agents - How do they Differ from Traditional Estate Agents?

The term 'online agents' is constantly used in the media and we're asked daily about the difference between online estate agents and high street agents. So, in this blog we're looking to explain the …READ MORE

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